Monday, 11 February 2013

My Most Embarrassing Moment

We have all experienced embarrassing moments in our lives. I'll venture a guess that a large number of women have accidentally tucked their skirt into the back of their pantyhose and strutted around unaware until someone told them. Everyone has walked around with toilet paper stuck to their shoe after leaving the ladies' room at least once in their lives. My embarrassing moment involves a pair of sunglasses.

Audrey Hepburn

It happened when my oldest daughter was in preschool. I was dropping her off on a sunny fall morning. We had her enrolled in a Montessori school that was located on the second floor of an elementary school.  On that day I needed to speak with her teacher before I left her there for the day. We made our way through the school and located her teacher. I didn't realize I was still wearing my sunglasses. I don't know why. I have never done that before. Her teacher and I had a little chat, I kissed my daughter good bye and made my way back through the school and then to the parking lot.

It wasn't until I checked the rear view mirror that I discovered that not only was I still wearing my sunglasses but one of the lenses had fallen out!! I had just had a chat with my daughter's teacher while wearing sunglasses with one lens missing! 

When I picked up my daughter at the end of the day I asked her how she was able to keep a straight face? She was being polite as it turned out, not knowing if I had some "special need". No special need here. Just plain silly.  Care to share?

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