Thursday, 30 June 2011

The only grey area is on my head

So far I have spent over $500 to go from dark brown to light blonde. The goal has been to get my hair light enough that I can grow out the white/grey without the unsightly horizontal strip of roots. This Saturday will be six weeks since the last hair colour! So far it is working well.

Trying to embrace my inner geaser isn't easy when I see television commercials for home hair colour starring  beautiful actresses who tell me "You're worth it". How can I dispute that? By saying "No. I'm not"? One even says she will never be old enough to go grey. Good for you! And by that I mean shut the hell up!

Why is growing older made to seem like the worst thing that could happen? I have people tell me I don't look my age but what does my age "look like"? The first time someone told me "You look good for someone your age" I was torn between thanking them and kicking them in the chest. "And I can still lift my leg up pretty high" I would have said.

I will admit that it is easy to talk tough now because the white/grey isn't really noticable yet. When it is more advanced, I hope I will not be seduced by hair colour commercials. I already decided I was not worth it and, gosh darn it, that is the way it will stay.

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