Tuesday, 26 February 2013

"Please Stand By"

I've been watching reruns of the newer version of the television show The Outer Limits (1995 - 2002). I like how they use the same introduction as the original series (1963 - 1965).  However, it contains the line "We control the horizontal and the vertical", which I'm fairly certain no one under the age of 50 would understand. I love this slide show of the original series episodes. You will spot some well-known actors.

Back in the day (I actually said that) we had to go to the TV set and manually change the channel, turn the fine tune dial, turn the horizontal and vertical buttons, and worst of all send Dad to the roof risking life and limb to fix the antenna!

Up until last year, I watched an old TV that everyone hated me for keeping but I thought it was kind of cool. It is a color TV about 30 years old and has buttons to adjust color and brightness/contrast. It works with cable and a remote and the only thing failing on it is the color quality. I received a new flat screen TV for my birthday last year so I'm using the old one as a TV stand.

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