Friday, 24 June 2011

Can you repeat that please?

As we get older we become a source of amusement, especially for our children. I always laugh when my dad pronounces fettucini as "footachini".

I don't hear as well as I once did. It isn't that I don't hear the sounds. I just don't interpret them correctly sometimes. Not too long ago, I was listening to a Starbucks commercial and I heard them say their coffee was made with rabbit remains. What? It took a moment for me to realize they must have said aribica beans. My kids never miss an opportunity to bring this up in conversation. They think it is funny and it is.

My personal favourite came from my own mother who will not admit she needs a hearing aid. At a family dinner, someone said something to her that she didn't quite catch. Wanting to clarify and speaking in an alarmed tone she asked "What?! There's a monkey in the fridge?!" Yes mother, there is a monkey in the fridge. Let me get it out for you.

Like I said, source of amusement.

(Please always check with your health care professional if you think you are having difficulty hearing)


  1. Penny, will you hate me if I told you this post made me giggle? I'm laughing with you! A monkey in the fridge indeed! I think this happens to all of us. I also misunderstand some of the things my family members say. However, I chalk it up to their silly mumbling! Dropping by from the LBS! Thanks for dropping by my blog! :)

  2. Thanks Bella. No I won't hate you. I was hoping it would make people laugh.

  3. My mom just refuses to admit she even has hearing difficulties. Every time I talk to her I speak really softly so she'll think it's getting worse and get checked. :) Came by from the LBS Tea Party

  4. See, now I kind of want to know what was really in the fridge...

    stopping in from the lbs tea party. :-)

  5. *laughs* Oh my gosh! I do this all the time. I hear something one way and think, "Wait! What?" Before it all catches up in my head and realize what I actually heard.

  6. I guess all us old(er) ladies have no problems admitting we aren't hearing things the way we should. Now if I can get my husband to admit it!! Although if we whisper while he is in the other room, he doesn't miss a word! Maybe that is just 'selective hearing' on his part? Thanks for the laughs Penny. Now I would really like to know what was actually said when Aunt Char heard there was a monkey in the fridge! lol