Saturday, 25 June 2011

Isn't she lovely?

Clara Bow became the "It Girl" after staring in the movie "It" in 1927. She was both a silent and talking film star. I discovered her quite by accident when I was googling something else. I chose Clara Bow for my profile picture because I just loved the pictures of her. You can see right away she is both feminine and strong and that comes across in her photos. It is also apparent that she loved the camera and the camera loved her. If you like old photos with a bit of Hollywood nostalgia, go to The Clara Bow Page.


  1. Hi Penny, I saw you on lady bloggers. I love old photos and their glamour. They dont make them like that anymore. shame. Good luck with your blog. Sonishka

  2. I'm a new follower from Wordless Wednesday! I love your blog! check mine out too, if you get a chance!

    ciao from newport beach