Saturday, 23 February 2013

Mom Will Make It Better - Or Will She?

I was blessed with three lively children. All of them gave me a run for my money in their own way. My oldest daughter has always been very sensitive to pain and sickness. She takes it harder than most. 

J & J Band-Aid Museum
One day soon after she first learned to ride a two-wheel bicycle I heard her screaming from about a block away. I didn't know I could run that fast. When I got to her I found she had fallen off her bike and scraped her knee. The way she was carrying on you would have thought she had severed an artery! I was relieved she wasn't as badly injured as I imagined during the run over to her but I was also annoyed about being made to feel that frightened when it didn't line up with reality.

In the best reassuring mother-tone I could manage I said "You will live." She looked at me angrily and said "No I won't! You will!"

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