Saturday, 2 July 2011

A Royal Canada Day Celebration

The royal newlyweds, Their Royal Highnesses, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge - aka - Will and Kate - chose Canada for their first official visit. They attended the Canada Day celebrations held in Ottawa yesterday and drew a record 300,000 people.

I had to watch on TV as Ottawa is too much of a trek for me at the moment. I was very impressed with their energy, how very personable they are, and just how happy they are. It is so uncharacteristic for the London royals to be so casual - lots of smiling - Kate laughing at her husband's jokes made during his speech - clearly newlyweds in love.

There were two very moving events for me. One was the stop to honour fallen soldiers, veterans, and those currently serving in Afghanistan. The other was a swearing in ceremony for new Canadians. The folks lucky enough to be there were greeted by the couple who shook their hand and congratulated them.

Now I must talk about what Kate wore because I'm pretty sure there is a law that any writer reporting on this couple must talk about her outfits.  Seriously though, the reason I was impressed with her outfit is that she went out of her way to honour Canada Day. In the picture you will see that she wore our red and white. The impressive piece is the fascinator. She had it specially made for the occasion with the red maple leaf embellishment on the top. She is also wearing a maple leaf brooch on her dress. And speaking of the dress, she had worn it before.  I really admire her for that.  Classy!

The royals enjoying the festivities

Close up of the Duchess and that awesome fascinator and beautiful brooch
(photos from Pop Sugar. Click the link to view more photos)


  1. Beautiful couple! Hope you check out my blog too with pics of William, Kate and Princess Diana. I love Olivia dH too!

    ciao from newport beach

    and good luck with your new blog!

  2. Thanks Fabiana! I will do that.